Monday, 31 December 2012

shows the title to miss ZU

assalammualaikum :)

we need to shows the title that we choose for our report writing. all of us have prepare for our title but some of  us not confident yet to choose their title that suitable for them. we need to find three or more title for our report writing and after that we need to shows it infront of our class and Miss Zu. then, we also need to explained why we choose the topic and we must make sure that we can find it in the journal,and the most important is. .it is must be the current issues. besides, we must present our title that we have choose with...broad topic,narrow topic and focus topic. some of us did not understand clearly the types of topic(broad,narrow and focus) that we need to shows. so, Miss Zu explain again the way how we need to present about our title that we have choose. after we get more explaination, Miss Zu ask us one title that we were really confirm to be our title in our report writing. she also explain that we need to know the types of essays that we want to choose for example: argumantative,discussion,cause and effect,problem and solution,compare and contrast essays. at 6 p.m our class were dismiss. before we leave, Miss remind us to find our title and to choose which on types of essays that we want. besides,we must find five materials to do our report writing.

tenses !

okey, as usually...monday my class will be at DSP. so i need to make sure that i will attend to bel class early than Miss Zu. unfortunately, my friends and i(our college at baiduri) always came late than others. truthly, i felt ashamed when always came late at the bel class. nevermind, i hope after this i will come early than others. hee. on this class we have learn....emm.. not learn actually, but we need to remind back what we have learn on bel in part two. Miss Zu shows us the slide about the types of tenses with the simple example. it was also help us easy to understand with the example given. she explained her slide with clearly to make sure we really understand what she taught about. we also gave a good respond when Miss Zu ask us about the tenses. maybe this is because we have learned all of the types of tenses.  for example, past tenses: simple present tenses, present continuos tenses and others. at 4 p.m o'clock, our class was dismiss with tasbih kifarah :)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

that's shocking!!

Assalammualaikum...hai guys! 12 december 2012. My class was at Block Usahawan. I felt very nervous because that was my turn to present about my four facts infront of our class. I was change my paper that i have wrote about myself with my partner( diba).When Miss Zu come,she asked us to present. Firstly, I introduced my pairs to our class. After that, I talked about the four facts of Diba. Same with Diba too. Four facts about me is:

1. I am talkative person and my classmate like to call me Mak Jemah!
2. I am very close with my mother and I always call her if I have a problem.

(emm..sorry you all! I only remeber two facts of myself..hehe. This is because, my paper that I have wrote about my four facts was missing and I cant remeber where I put the paper...huh! ) After Diba and I explain about our 4 facts, Miss Zu told us to play the game that was call " that's shocking ! ". On this game, we need to wrote 4 facts about ourselves in a pieces of paper and make sure our friends not know what we was write.we must make sure the 4 facts really can make everyone shocking. After we finished write, we need to make the paper to be a rocket paper and after that we must fly the rocket in our class. when the rocket was falling down, everyone need to take  one of the rocket and we cannot open it. Miss Zu, call Cik Faa to be the first person to read about the four facts. It also same with the others. You want to know about my 4 facts? hee.. My facts is, I like to ****  infront of my roomate when we eat together or watching movie. Dont worry, they were not angry with me because it was usually happen in my room..hehe
okey, i cant tell you all about my facts because it will be make you feel really disgusting and can make everybody shock!huhu. okey, maybe that's all about my story of bel 311 on 12 december 2012.

4 facts:)

Assalammualaikum...hi! 11 december 2012, my class was at Hall Seri Peria again(usually on monday my class will be there.) Hmm..I came late to my class!! This is because I was over slept! I thought Miss Zu will come late also but she's not. When I came to the class, she was already there. I really felt scared if she get angry to me.unfortunately, she didnt angry with me but she just glance to me..maybe it was just warning, to make sure I will come early then her after this. When I arrived, Asnawi and his partner Nadia, was did their presentation about four facts infront of our class. as the first pairs, they looked very nervous and confused. If I at their place, I will also feel the same thing. They took long time to present. after they finished, teyh need to  call one name and the name that was call need to continue for the next presentation. actually,I felt boring with this game.Maybe because my classmate also looked not happy and enjoy with this game. our face also looked very blur. Miss Zu also felt angry with us because with did not perform well. she also said, part one can do more better than us. Our grammar also bad and she asked us to check our grammar before we did our presentation. I feel very grateful because my partner Wawa, didnt come for 2 days because she got mc. So, Miss Zu decided, i need to wait Wawa before do the presentation. After finished the game,Miss Zu asked us who did not present yet put up our hand.I am the one of the student who didnt present anymore. My friends Adibah not have a partners again, so I need to be the partners for adibah and let Wawa present alone. So, I present on 12 december 2012 with Adibah.Lastly, our class dismissed with a tasbih kifarah:)

Good News...?

Assalammualaikum....hi my friends:) on 10 dicember 2012,my Bel 311 class was at SL( CLL 2). It was at laboratory computer. Before when to class, I and my friends went to Intan Food Court to eat something before our class start. Miss Zu want to start our class with a little late because, she have a matter to do. During we eat together, Syafikah get a phone call from Solihin and, Solihin was told her...Bel 311 class was cancel!! hehe...I really happy when I hear about that.. same with all my friends too. So, after we eat. we when back to our room and sleep! heeee:) 

An Assignment.....!!!

Assalammualaikum...hi you all! This is my forth entry that I want to story about what was happen in my class Bel 311 on 4 december 2012. On that day, I felt so happy because my class only at Block Usahawan. It was really near with my college ! So, I didnt need to walked a far..hee:) ouer class started on 4 p.m until 6 p.m. I dont knoew why my class Bel always in afternoon. That's make me easy to feel wanted to sleep. On our second class, Miss Zu was recall back our information about an essays that we have done in semester one and two.Actually, i was forgot about all of the essays that i have learned. sounds very bad right? huh! (,no,no! i didnt forgot all of the essays that i have learned. i am still remembr anout a few essays that i was learned such as, argumentative essays. After she gave an explanation about the essays,she asked to do an essays that was called report writing. We need to write the rport writing with 300 above and below 700 hundred words. Miss Zu also told us, that we need to find our pairs to do this assignment. And my pairs is Syafikah azmi and Hakimah Laiyinah. only our group have 3 members. So, we need to find the title of our report writing. She said, she wanted something new,superb and also make everyone interesting when read our title. She do not want something that was comman such as, pollution and robbery. She also asked us to find it on newspapers or internet.Before class was finished, Miss Zu,asked us to find four facts about our pairs through the number given. My pairs was Wan Amalina Asyraf bte Wan Ali or we call her as wawa. In this facts, we need to find one of the facts that's was not true.huhu! sounds interesting! this is also one of the game in my Bel 311 class. So, 10 december 2012, we need to present about that infront of our class. After that, she was asked us about our bblog. Many of us, didnt start anymore. She reminds us, to make sure not forget to create our blog because, she will check,as soon as possible:)

first day!

assalammualaikum...hi I am here again! monday 3 Dicember 2012. It was my first day went to class after break semester. my Bel 311 class was at 2 p.m until 4 p.m. it was after break time. i felt really excited to attend my first Bel 311 class. Eventhought my class is to far from my college(baiduri). On my way to attend the class, the wheater look very beautiful because it was not hot and not rainy yet but it was looked like want to rain. i need 10 or 15minute to arrive at my class Sri Peria Hall that's at college sector c area. Actually, I felt a little tired to attend at my class, because we need to climbed the the hill of sector c...huh! Nevermind, that was onlu of my challenge to attend Bel 311 class, and I will never give up because of that! ;)
When I  arrived there, I felt very grateful because my lecturer not come again. After a minute, she was come and it was make every one keep quiet. She gave a salam and explain to us about information of Bel 311 subject. She said, Bel 311 is really difficult than Bel in semester 1 and semester 2. after that, she told us to introduced ourselve.(emm...i think, she was not told us but she was call a name one by one and we need to put upour hand.... heee). After finished, she told us the rules in her class. One of the rules is, she's not like her student play handphone and didnt silent phone when in her class. I dont know why I and my classmate looked very quiet and not give a good respons when our miss explain about the rules and others. It was looked really boring okey! So, because of that, our miss thought that we was sleepy and she told us to stand up and all of us need to said anything that we were think about.When my turn was come, I said, my roomate was call me..then, miss asked me did I pickup my phone because she was really dont like the students that use phone in her class...So, I said,I didnt pickup the phone. Aftre that, she told me to sit down and also hope we feel more fresh and not sleepy again. Before she introduced herself, she told us to create a blog. this is because, she will give marks base on our development. wen she said we need to cretae a blog...everybody sigh. This is because,not all people like to create a blog. After finished explain about what we need to do in our blog, she introduced herself to us. her name is miss ZURAIDAH BINTI SUMERY . She is javaness descendant. She was gave a warning to us, to make sure we spell her father's name with correctly, because she will deduct our marks in examination when we spell her father;s name wrong.( sounds dangerous right? because, I am the student who are always forget about my lecturer father's name....!!! hehe ) After that, she asked us to play one game that I never playe before this.This game looked very interesting because, we need to do two circle. One of the circle was inside of the first circle.she told us to talk any topic in english with our pairs in a circle.(When we did  two circle, teh second circle will infront of the first circleand the person who was infront of us is our pairs.) She gave us ten minute to talk with our pairs. I was talked with my pairs about football,current issues and our result in past examination and sometimes also about our girlsfriends and boyfriends! hehe. After a minute we was stop. Miss Zu hope, we were really enjoy with this game. She also hope, besides play the game or make a joke, we will also respect her and will not over than what we supposed to do as a student an with lecturer relation.:)

blog?? oh no!

What? Create a blog?? Oh my gosh!! I didnt know how to create a blog! Oh please..... help me somebody....! that was what I’m thought  about when  my lecturer ask me and my classmate to create a blog...huh! ok nevermind...truthly, at the first time,I feel so excited when I think about create a blog. This is because, before this  I like to see people who  have thier own blog. I like the way how the blogger make their blog look very cute and intresting! And I also like the way how they share everything that sometimes has a moral value and something new especially about FASHION!  and the most important thing is, I only feel excited to create a blog only for a minute.....! haha! Just because, I am not ready yet to have my own blog and I also feel embarassed when people read my blog! what people will said or think when they read my blog??? That’s what I think about..huh! Hmmm.....why I need to do this.......! Ok izani try to like it ok!      (actually I did a blog only for get marks from my lecturer! Hahahaha)  Sorry for this miss! Wee.. but, I also remember what my lecturer  told, we must learn to get knowledge and for marks. Both of that are very important to be succesful student. So what do you think about me..?? Nevermind, I only be like that when I asked to create a blog....hehehe! ~

my over view about writing :)

Assalaammualaikum...hi you all! welcome to my blog! This is my first blog that i ever have. Hopefully you will enjoy when you read my blog :) okey,firstly i want to talk about my overview about writing. I know you will feel weird why in my first entry I should talk about this? let me explain first okey. Actually, Bel 311 is one of my course in semester 3 and it is english subject. in semester 1 and 2, i also have Bel subject but different code from Bel 311. Bel 311 are more difficult and more focus in writing. so, that is one of the reason why I want to talk about writing in my first entry. This is also one of my work that my lecturer asked me and my classmate to do. Okey,now, hopefully you will understand why i want to write about my overview about writig in my first entry. Let;s read about that! :)

Everyone have their own overview about writng. Same with me too. For your information, I am not very good in english writing especially when i need to do an essays. I always feel nervous when want to start write something in english. I also need to take a long time to start writing and it always different with my friends. I looked, some of my friends can do better than me. They can start writing fasterly and easy to find their point and explain it. It is make me always feel very dissapointed with myself and ashamed if someone read what I write. It also same in examination time. When I need to write long essays or short essays, I always late to finish  my it. This is because, I feel, I am very slow to think about the content of the topic that I should do. sometimes I need to write fasterly at the last  minute because,I was take half an hours to think the content and to explain it more. I also write in a piece of paper before I start write in examination answer book. It is waste of my time right? I do that because, I feel not confident with myself. If you want to know, for along time that I was study in uitm segamat, I never get an A grade in Bel subject. It was make me feel very sad. I thought, I already try my best but I still get B grade in my Bel subject. Nevermind. I will not give up easily! I will try, try, and try to get an A in my Bel 311 subject. I also hope. One day, I will be more confident to write in english and will not do work that can waste my time.besides in writing, I also want to be excellent when speak in english. Truthly, every semester I always like to hear and see the way how all my Bel lecturer speak in english. it was sounds very fluence, natural and look very confident. If they can do like that, I also can do like that because they also human same like me. Hopefully I can do like them or more better than they! :)