Sunday, 16 December 2012

An Assignment.....!!!

Assalammualaikum...hi you all! This is my forth entry that I want to story about what was happen in my class Bel 311 on 4 december 2012. On that day, I felt so happy because my class only at Block Usahawan. It was really near with my college ! So, I didnt need to walked a far..hee:) ouer class started on 4 p.m until 6 p.m. I dont knoew why my class Bel always in afternoon. That's make me easy to feel wanted to sleep. On our second class, Miss Zu was recall back our information about an essays that we have done in semester one and two.Actually, i was forgot about all of the essays that i have learned. sounds very bad right? huh! (,no,no! i didnt forgot all of the essays that i have learned. i am still remembr anout a few essays that i was learned such as, argumentative essays. After she gave an explanation about the essays,she asked to do an essays that was called report writing. We need to write the rport writing with 300 above and below 700 hundred words. Miss Zu also told us, that we need to find our pairs to do this assignment. And my pairs is Syafikah azmi and Hakimah Laiyinah. only our group have 3 members. So, we need to find the title of our report writing. She said, she wanted something new,superb and also make everyone interesting when read our title. She do not want something that was comman such as, pollution and robbery. She also asked us to find it on newspapers or internet.Before class was finished, Miss Zu,asked us to find four facts about our pairs through the number given. My pairs was Wan Amalina Asyraf bte Wan Ali or we call her as wawa. In this facts, we need to find one of the facts that's was not true.huhu! sounds interesting! this is also one of the game in my Bel 311 class. So, 10 december 2012, we need to present about that infront of our class. After that, she was asked us about our bblog. Many of us, didnt start anymore. She reminds us, to make sure not forget to create our blog because, she will check,as soon as possible:)

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