Monday, 31 December 2012

shows the title to miss ZU

assalammualaikum :)

we need to shows the title that we choose for our report writing. all of us have prepare for our title but some of  us not confident yet to choose their title that suitable for them. we need to find three or more title for our report writing and after that we need to shows it infront of our class and Miss Zu. then, we also need to explained why we choose the topic and we must make sure that we can find it in the journal,and the most important is. .it is must be the current issues. besides, we must present our title that we have choose with...broad topic,narrow topic and focus topic. some of us did not understand clearly the types of topic(broad,narrow and focus) that we need to shows. so, Miss Zu explain again the way how we need to present about our title that we have choose. after we get more explaination, Miss Zu ask us one title that we were really confirm to be our title in our report writing. she also explain that we need to know the types of essays that we want to choose for example: argumantative,discussion,cause and effect,problem and solution,compare and contrast essays. at 6 p.m our class were dismiss. before we leave, Miss remind us to find our title and to choose which on types of essays that we want. besides,we must find five materials to do our report writing.

tenses !

okey, as usually...monday my class will be at DSP. so i need to make sure that i will attend to bel class early than Miss Zu. unfortunately, my friends and i(our college at baiduri) always came late than others. truthly, i felt ashamed when always came late at the bel class. nevermind, i hope after this i will come early than others. hee. on this class we have learn....emm.. not learn actually, but we need to remind back what we have learn on bel in part two. Miss Zu shows us the slide about the types of tenses with the simple example. it was also help us easy to understand with the example given. she explained her slide with clearly to make sure we really understand what she taught about. we also gave a good respond when Miss Zu ask us about the tenses. maybe this is because we have learned all of the types of tenses.  for example, past tenses: simple present tenses, present continuos tenses and others. at 4 p.m o'clock, our class was dismiss with tasbih kifarah :)