Tuesday, 8 January 2013

choosing for the topic of.......report writing!



Today our class is at DSP. We need to bring our laptop together because we need to do our blog in our class. Before we did our blog, my friends sarah and syafika do their presentation for report writing, this is because they didnt find the suitable topic again. Actually, i felt very pity with them because every bel class they did the same thing. After they finish their presentation, Miss ask us to open our blog. Unfortunately,most of us cannot connect the wifi uitm. I didnt know why. So because of that,Miss Zu said, we need to go to the library to connect the wifi PERPUSTAKAAN TUN DOKTOR ISMAIL. Before we went to the library,Miss Zu was told us to post about the choosing topic for our term paper. I still remember the situation when we need to choose our topic for term paper. It was very difficult than what i tought. I thought we just need to find the best topic that we want to do but,we also need to find at least five materials for our topic and the material that we have to find is journal from online database uitm. Other than that, we need to use news paper online or news paper original,magazine and article online. In my group, we have three partners. Each one of us, need to find atleast two topic. My partners is syafika and hakimah laiyinah. Topic of syafika is the advantages of siswa card for university student. While hakimah laiyinah is about news in gaza palestin and early marriage among under age teenagers and me choose the topic violence among woman and financial management among university students. After we discussed with Miss Zu, she cant execpt my topic and syafika but she except one of hakimah topic. Which are, early marriage among under age teenagers. We felt very grateful because our topic has been accepted with easily. Alhamdulillah. We choose the causes and effects types of essays because we thought it can be more easy for us to find the point for our topic.  After that, we need to did our topic choosen in a terms of broad topic, focus topic and narrowed topic.

For example:
Broad topic
Early marriage

Narrowed topic
Early marriage among under age teenagers

Focus topic
Cause and effect about early marriage among under age teenagers

 On the next day, we need to present our topic and also explained why we choose this topic and we must make sure every topic that we choose can be find in the journals. Some of us cannot present very well and they didnt gave a good reason why they choose that topic. So ,some of topic of my friends has been rejected by Miss Zu. We also need to shows our materials and shows our point. We actually find only 3 materials which are from news straits times,article online, and also journal from online database uitm. We are the last partners that are present in our class. Actually, Miss Zu looked very   disappointed with all of our classmates presentation. She said our presentation such a suck. Ohh! It make me felt very nervous to present and at the same time, hakimah didint came to the class because she got mc. So we choose to be the last partners to present and grateful our topic has been accepted. I am felt very happy seriously! Next is, we need to do a box of our bibiliography of our materials. As you can see below J

Type of material and name
Article from internet
Article from internet
News papers from news straits times
News papers from news straits times
Title of article
Early Marriage and Adolescent Girls
(Girls at risk of child marriage and those already married need greater policy
and programmatic attention)
Case Study: A Child Bride Speaks
Rise in child marriages worrying
Girls, not brides
Chris parker
The 2006 Nepal Report on Child Marriage 



New straits times
New straits times
Year of publication

Thursday October 11, 2012
Thursday October 11, 2012

Website address(online sorces)


Date of retrieval(online resoures)
3 januari 2013
3 januari 2013
3 januari 2013
3 januari 2013
Volume number, issues

 And the next step we need to do is, we must told atirah(my classmate) about our topic and the types of essays that we confirm to do. Maybe after this we will start to do our report writing. I hope my partners and i can give the best writing in our report writing and i also hope that we can get highest mark in our assignment! Wish me luck ok J


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