Friday, 18 January 2013

comment ! comment ! comment !



On this day, Miss Zu ask us to open our blog and we must give a comment to all of our classmate blog and she will all of check our comments. We must give at least one comment to others blog. Besides, she also ask us to follow all of our classmates blog and give her link of our blog. I also give a comments to my friends but I am not finished yet. Hee. Actually, I didnt understand very well to comment each entry of others or only comment about our CHOOSING  TOPIC ON REPORT WRITING entry. so I decided to comment CHOOSING TOPIC ON REPORT WRITING entry and others entry that I feel intresting to read. We only did a comments of others blog during our class time. After an hours, Miss Zu ask us to stop and class will be finished. Before class finished, she was remind us to give a comments to others entry and she will check as soon as possible. Our class was finished with tasbih kifarah J      

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