Friday, 18 January 2013

the differencess between facts and opinion

Hi my are you today? Today I want to write about what was happen on 10th January 2013.  On this Tuesday, we have learned about facts and opinion. Miss Zu tought us what is the differences  between facts and opinion. Before that, I really regret because, I  didn’t copy Miss Zu slide about the facts and opinion. The slide has a lot of explaination and example about the facts and opinion. I don’t have any example to shows because, in the text book also dint have the title about the facts and the opinion. emmm…but nevermind..hopefully I can find all of these from the internet or references book. Back to the topic of facts and opinion.

facts…FACTS is specific details. It can be proven  based on the objective evidence. We always can find the facts in our lives for example is, OUR FIRST PRIME MINISTER WAS TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN. It was the facts because it can be proven from the history of administration of Malaysia. Facts always shows the reality that was happened or something that will happen. It also have their objective and cannot be changes or cannot be add by something.  

While OPINION is, the feeling of judgement, believe or conclusion that cannot be proven and also only one of the ways to attracts people about something. It is only subjective that cannot be verified and something that we suggest. For example is,I DON’T LIKE EAT CHOCOLATE BECAUSE IT CAN MAKE ME BECOME FAT. Besides, it is based on people feelings and it is more to the emotions and it is not necessarily  true.
To make you more understand, I will shows you more example to differentiate between facts and opinion.

Students in UITM must wear formal clothes on Monday and Friday.
She always wear the baju kurung when go to the class because she was feeling very polite
Nasi lemak and roti canai contains many of cholesterol.
Nasi lemak and roti canai contains many of cholesterol that can make peoples become fat if they eat to much.
The house was painted on 19 november 2012.
The house was painted on 19 november 2013 so it looks so beautiful

To make sure that we were more understand, Miss Zu make a game about facts and opinion. we are separate into of 4 groups. Each groups have been given some product and my group got a Santan   product. We must find the facts about the products and the opinion about the products. The facts of my products is, it was produced at……. And The company of the product was established at 1982. The prices of the product is Rm2.50. The opinion is…the product is more delicious than other products. Another one opinion, I am forgot because I didn’t write the point at all. Sorry okay.hehe. After we list all the opinion and the facts of our products, we need to present it infront of our class and another groups need to guess which one of  the point is opinion and which one is facts. Miss Zu will gave marks if any person of the groups answer the question with correctly. So, I am really proud because my group was one of the winner in this game. Huhu. After we finished play the game…our class was finished J

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