Saturday, 23 March 2013



We need to do peer editing in this Tuesday class. Miss Zu was gave us the blue paper and orange paper. Blue paper we need to answered by our group and the orange paper, we need to need to hold on first because we will change the paper with our friends. On this tuesday, Syafiqah azmi was not came to the classed because she was not feeling well. Hope she will get better soon. Even she was not came, I still need to continue my works with my groups members, kimah. On this day, I got some unsatisfied with kimah. This is because, I was reminded her to did THE SHORT COMING PERCEPTION AMONG THE SOCIETY TO THE EARLY AGE MARRIAGE. She said, she will do that but suddenly when came at the class. She just shows to me the poin only and not on paragraph which is part of her paragraph only. I felt very dissapointed when I have read the point that she gave. Why? because, the point is not about the SOCIETY PERCEPTION BUT STILL ABOUT THE EFFECT OF THE EDUCATION OF THE TEENAGERS. As Miss Zu said, we need to change kimah SUPPORTING DETAIL OR TOPIC SENTENCES. So, Syafiqah and I decided to changed the supporting details because it maybe more easier for her. Sinces she always not came to the class,she did not know what was Miss Zu want even it was involved her part of the outline and it will effect our marks( maybe that is not important for her). When I try to convey to her what was Miss Zu said to us, she act that she understand and sometimes she avoid when I try to talked about our term paper. Why must she do something like that??? IT WAS MAKE ME FELT VERY ANGRY AND DISSAPOINTED. I try to help her but she don't want to follow as what I said and she said, she cannot stand with me! She also said, I gave her works at the morning and I wanted that in the evening??? ERGGHHH!!!! is it true?? I dont know how to explained. How could she said something like that, LIAR! OH! what so ever! I THINK, WE MUST APPRECIATED IF OTHERS TRY TO HELPS US AND PLEASE BE MORE RESPONSIBLE IN YOUR WORKS AND DO NOT EXPECT OTHERS CAN FINISH ALL OF YOUR WORK! JUST DO IT BY YOUR OWN!




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