Saturday, 23 March 2013



On this class, we need to brought our laptop again since we have to did the commenting of other groups draft. I felt so tired and lazy to brought my laptop.This is because my college is to far from BEL 311 class. I will take 15 or 20 minute to arrived to my class. Because my college is at the back of uitm which is SEKTOR B college. Unfortunately,I still need to brought my laptop even it was to weight to carried! At the class, Miss Zu told us to commented other draft using our laptop. While we were busy commenting other draft, Miss Zu was returned our outline that we were send before Chinese new year break. I hope, my group will get highest marks because, I thought we have did very well and I also liked my point in our outline. Suddenly, when we got the outline...hmmmmmm.. I FELT VERY DISSAPOINTED!!!! we only got 7 over 10 marks! At the first time we got the outline, we thought maybe this marks is ok, but when we compared our marks to others, we felt very unsatisfied and very sad! Syafiqah and I keep checked our mistakes that we have done. My point and Syafiqah point is not have many problems and not have many mistakes, just grammar only. But the big mistakes was at kimah point. Oh! I can't believed that Kimah topic sentences and their supporting details was two different thing that not have any connection at all. So, we asked Miss Zu what should we did? Miss Zu explained to us....why we got the lower marks compare than others. This is because, we have a grammar mistakes which is we were mix between past tenses and present tenses. Besides, we also need to changes our supporting details for kimah point. That was totally wrong! why? because, she supposed to find the point about SHORTCOMING PERCEPTION OF THE SOCIETY TOWARDS UNDER AGE ERLY MARRIAGES and not about the effect to the teenagers education. However, she did not do that! hmm... I dont understand why she not did as what I was told to her. Even she always absent, I try to help her by explained to her what should she did. Hmm...I am very dissapointed again. We try to did the correction before we past up the term paper. Hopefully she WILL NOT DO THE SAME MISTAKES AGAIN. thank you. 

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