Saturday, 23 March 2013

forum day!


Nervous! that was the first words came out from my mouth before we did forum speaking! But I try to hidden it! hee.. As the first group, we were look very nervous than the 2nd 3rd and others group. We have different characteristics during the forum. I as the host of the IZANI Z shows and my guess are PROF NINA FROM UNISEL, FAIZ ADHA who are always speak like rapper, DIBA who are a little bit nervous same as me and the last one is BELLA, who are look cool and beautiful. hehe. I only need to talked at the introduction and sometimes I need to interrupt some of my guess ideas. After our group is EIKA. her program is EIKA TALK SHOWS. Actually, I really like the way of eika talked. Because she looked more confident even she looked a little bit nervous but she cover up it by her confident when she spoke.After her groups is BARIYAH group, FIKRI group and the last one is NADIA group. After NADIA group actually have one group again but, we cannot proceed for their group because wwe not have enough time.
my group                                                                   eika group

bariyah group                                                            fikri group

      nadia group

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