Saturday, 23 March 2013



OH i am not feeling well today! i feel very weak. I can not stand well and all part of my body are very sick. Doctor said, I got a fever and i got virus infection! Because of that,my body is very week. I got MC from doctor. Grateful!! So, I just slept at my room after I ate medicine.

I asked my friends, Nina what she was learned in BEL 311 class while I was absent. She said,Miss Zu just did the practices for speaking test and she also said, my group will be the first group do the speaking test even we are group 5. This is because, some of my classmate was absent tomorrow because they need to go to the Persada at Johor Bahru. Only my group have enough members to do the speaking test. What was suprises it is! hmmm... It's okey. As student, I just need to follow my lecturers said even I am not feeling well :(

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