Saturday, 23 March 2013

last class!


we have replacement class because, before this our class was cancel. So, Mis Zu decided to replace our class at thursday night at cll as usually. In this class, we have learned about how to answered final exam question paper. Miss Zu have thought us how to answered part A of the question paper. Actually, I didnt like to answered part A because I always got low marks for this part for the past semester. I always careless and sometimes I felt it was easy but when I checked again with my friends,I have done a lot of mistakes! But that is not the reason for me to give up easily. My mom said, here, we need to strive more if we want to get something good. So, I do my best if I want to get A in BEL 311. Bavk to the topic,Miss Zu said, we need to paraphrase some the answered in this question. How we want to know the question want we to paraphrase the answered? The clues is, "HOW". If have words 'how" in the question, we need to paraphrase our answered. If is is said, "STATE" we dont need to paraphrase the answered. Just copy and paste. Miss Zu also told us to be more careful in the synonym question which is very difficult for me. I dont like this question seriously. This is because, it need we think more about the words given based on the text.

Miss Zu also told us to answered the question given:
1) What have you learnt throughout this semester BEL 311. Do you think your writing have improvement?\
     I think, this BELL 311 are very difficult to do. Sometimes it make me feel stress and give up. This is because, we have a lot of to do. But I kow, all of the works that given to us can help us to improve our skill of writing and verbs. Indirectly, it also help us to be more easy to get A. why it improves my writing?? because we always learnt many types of essays in our class which is using video, song and sometimes we find from internet articles. MORE WE WRITE, MORE IMPROVEMENT WE WILL GET IN WRITING! 

2) What does blogging teach you in BEL 311?
   It was teach how to shows our expression in writing, how to improve our grammar and how to write as a good student.

yes i am improve in my writing now

for Miss Zu

3) What do you think of expressing your thought feelings via e-diary?
    Sometimes I felt ashamed because we need to share our feeling and expression with others. Even I like to share my feelings to others, but others that I mean is people who are really closed with me. From blogging, maybe I a little bit ashamed at the first time and also thought like "WHAT SHOULD I WRITE?" "IS IT PEOPLE WILL READ MY BLOG?" hehe..but, after  a days I wrote my blog, I became more confident in my writing and sometimes I wrote my entry with smiled with myself and I also not ashamed again to share my feelings with others. So, I really hope that using writing the blog will help me to get A in my BEL 311 final examination. Especially, in my essays.

smile like this cute baby

Before we finished answered the question paper, Miss Zu asked us to answered orange paper that is,Miss Zu want to do  some research of the way how she tough us. She also reminded us to send portfolio that was full with our note from Miss Zu. Miss Zu want to finished the class early because, she invited us to have some dinner that was prepare by her. Wahhhh! I like to eat! especially free meals! hehehe. 
During we eat, we also took some pictures with Miss Zu. Hmm..I felt so sad because this is my lass class with Miss Zu. Love you Miss. Thank you for teaching us and hope we will meet soon. Wish me luck in my final examination of BEL 311 okey :)

part of BEL 311
 wchich one is our Miss Zu? hehe

love: izani :)

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