Saturday, 23 March 2013

References! and.....urggh! speaking??


After we have done with our first draft. We have learned how to make a references. Actually, we need to put references after we have finish writing of our draft and we also need to write references in our final examination. At the last of our draft, we must shows our references based on material that we got before we start writing our draft. Writing references is easy because it is only depends the types of material that we have like online magazines, online newspaper,online article,website, books,journals or other than that. We must understand how to write references because it can effect our marks in finak examination which is, it give us five marks and if we are not do that, we will get 0 marks for the references.So, Miss Zu reminded us to did the references before submit the draft to her.

sample of references

after we have learned about how to make a references, Miss Zu said she wanted to make speaking or forum in our class today! urggggh! seriously I dont like to speak in English in front of others. This is because I felt less of confident and what I try to explain sometimes are not get out from my mouth. But, I liked to hear people who can speak in English very well like our MISS ZU. I want to be like her. I want to speak in English very clearly and more confident. So, as what people said, practices makes perfect. I will make practices before I speak and hopefully, I can be more brave to speak.  We were divided into 5 group. Unfortunately, we are the first group who are should be speaking! We try to think about our point because Miss Zu said she want us to did the speaking on that day. As the first group, we try to find our point as faster as we can. Oh! I forget to tell what is my topic right? Okey, my topic is “The cost of things has sky-rocketed over the last five years. Managing our finances is become more and more difficult. Discuss the reasons for the price increase and suggest some solutions to these problems”.
Suddenly, Miss Zu asked us is it possible if we did our speaking on that day because it was already 6pm. Guess what we have answered?
Of courses we said NOOOOOOOOO! heheheeh..who want to present on that day. nobody want especially my group. Miss Zu said, we will continue the speaking of the forum in the next class. Alhamdulillah!

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