Saturday, 23 March 2013

speaking TEST!!!


Miss Zu was come late to the class because she has something to did maybe. She was arrived at 4.50 pm. She leaves a messages to Salihin to told us to write our blog and did our online quizzes.I not did my blog but I just did my online quizzes. After Miss Zu come, she gave us the sample paper of speaking test. She explained to us that, on the next tuesday we will start to do our speking test. ha?? how suddenly it is. She asked apologies from us because she not have enough time to do the practices speaking. So, on this wednesday, we just do practices for our speaking. We were divided into 8 group. Miss Zu also decided who will be our group members. We need to count from 1 until 8. Who getsame number with us will be in one group. I got group number five and I only have 3 members compare than others which have 4 group of members. It's okey if we only have 3 members. It make us become more easy to discuss. After all of us have our own group, Miss Zu explained to us rules of the speaking test.

We are given 5 minutes to write down our point and 20 minutes to discuss.Miss Zu said, we must understand what question want with properly because if not understand the question, we will got zero maybe. For example if question want the effect, we must talked about the effect and not the causes. Miss Zu also gave us a pieces of paper how we want to interrupt others. How we want to explained our point and so on. We must be more polite if we want to said something because it also will effect our marks. Hopefully, I can do better in my speaking test. Wish me luck for my speaking test ok!

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