Tuesday, 1 January 2013



on this day, we have learned about paraphrasing. did you know about paraphrasing? paraphrasing means expressing someone else's ideas using your own words. it is a way of presenting a text using different words and phrases without changing  its original meaning. this skill is necessary when you write papers based on research. when parapharasing,you need to mention the author's name so that your readers know that you are actually discussing someone else's ideas, and not your own. this is also one of the way how to avoide plagiarism.

for example:
some businessman believe that the location of the office building plays an important role in deciding their fortune.Salim Radzi, the business link(2007)

when change to the paraphrasing:
to some enterpreneurs,one key factor that determines their fortune is where their office is situated (Salim,2007) 

the guidlines for paraphrasing is,we should retain the original meaning of the text. we cannot change the meaning if we change the word of sentences. we also must change the grammar and sentence structures. for example, break up one long sentence into two(or more) shorter ones or combine two short sentence into one. make sure we use synonyms where appropriate and use a good dictionary to look for suitable synonyms,but make sure the meaning is according to the context. the most important is, make sure your sentence will be cite from the original sources.

after Miss Zu finished explained all about the paraphrasing. she give us an excercise to did at room and she will check for the next tuesday. at 4 pm our classed were dismissed with tasbih kifarah :)

we really do not want to present !


today,all of our classmate must shows the topic that we have chooses for our report writing. so, one by one of my classmates shows their topic to Miss Zu. Some of our topic has been rejected by Miss Zu. this is because,some of the topic that they have choosen are to comman and not enough material to use. my friends shows many intresting topic but not all of the topic can be excepted. for those who are their topic has been rejected, they need to find another topic and shows again to Mis Zu. actually, syafika and i didnt want to present today. we always keep quiet when Miss Zu ask any partners to present. this is because we felt not ready and not brave enough to present. we afraid if, Miss Zu ask many question to us and we cannot answer it well. Besides,one of our group members was absent so, we not have enough materials to show. syafika and i wait and wait and hopefully class will finish without our presentation. Unfortunately, we have to present for the last minute because Miss Zu want our class to finish all of our presentation today. i am really nervous to present but alhamdulillah, finally our topic was excepted!!! we were really happy! because Miss Zu did not ask a lot of question. So it was easy for me to answer. hee. after all of us finished, our class were finish with tasbih kifarah:)