Sunday, 6 January 2013

main ideas



on this wednesday, my class was at is very far from my college okey. our class was at laboratory of computer. first thing we need to did when arrived iss..Miss Zu ask us to open the quiz online. she gave us a few minute to done with that. after done, she tougth us about main ideas. she gave us a sentences, than we need to find the main ideas and the topic sentences and we need to did our own main ideas with the information given.

for example:  
there are many function of area code in a different countries.
college and university sport team nick name.
some are unusual.

my own words is: 
some of college and university sport team sometimes use strange nickname.

besides, Miss Zu also us video songs to make me more understand. she shows us some video songs and ask us to the main ideas of the video's. this is very interesting learning skill. at 6 p.m our class was finished with tasbih kifarah :)  

summarising :)


on this day, we have learned about summarising. what is the difference between a pharaphrase and a summary?
a summary is a reproduction of a passage using fewer words. when you retell a story that someone has told you, you repeat the story in your own words. if your retelling is about the same length as the original story,it is a paraphrase. if you shorten the story by retelling only the most important points and leaving out the details you are summarising. the guidlines for summarising is..before we start writing,we need to understand what it is. essentially  summary is about one-third of the original text, keeps the main ideas, and acknowledges the sources of the text.
a good introductory sentences for a summary should include the following of the title of the  article, the name of the authors and the author's thesis statement or main idea. we also learned about MIDA concept. M is main idea identify from topic sentences( if theree is one) or use BASIC SIGNAL WORDS. I is identify supporting details. D is diregard unimportant informations. the last one is A..but i'm so sorry, i forget about defination of A. hee. after Miss Zu explain abour summarising for an hours...our class were dismiss early because Miss Zu has a meeting.