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On this day, i am not go to the bel class because i was had an over slept! hee... sorry Miss Zu..
i hope for the next class i wll easily wake up from my slept..sorry Miss Zu. Hopefully, you are not angry with me :)

outline again


On this classed, we need to bring our laptop again to did our outline especially to whom were not finished yet and not shows to Miss Zu their outlining. My group only need to changes and corrects some mistakes which is about our grammar and also citation. We not take to long to finished our mistakes. We need to past up the outlining before chinese new year. So, all of us work very hard to finished their outline. My group and I decided to past up on thursday. Because we want to re check again if we have a mistakes. We want get highest marks, so better we check double or triple times to makes sure we have did less of mistake or maybe we have did zero mistakes! hehee.. but it was never happended because I no, we were not expert enough to get zero mistakes. The most important is, we did our outlining with properly and make sure our format was correct if we want to get a highest marks for our term paper!
At the below, I shows you sample of my term papers.

Early marriage among under age teenagers: Causes and effects
       I.            INTRODUCTION
Undeniably, the negative outcomes associated with early marriage and high school students have the potential to affect not only to the underage teenagers’ life and health but as well as the shortcoming perception from the society towards the young adolescences.
     II.            Body paragraph

A.    One of the major reasons that the high school students marry at their early age is because their families forces the teenagers to get married with the men that their families have chosen.

1.     This is because some of the teenagers come from poor family.
a)     Most of the families want their daughter married early because they not have enough money to bear all of their children and to ease the family’s economic burden (Sara, 2012).
b)    If the teenagers got married, their husband will take all the responsibilities from their parents towards the teenagers (Indramalar, 2012).

2.     Despite the problem of forced marriage occurred among poor family, it is also happen to the rich families.
a)     Some of the rich families want to expand their business performance so they decided to marry their daughter with the son of their business partners (Khan, 2012).
b)    The chairman of the Union Parishad marrying his son with the girl under 18 age and was carried the bride to the father’s in law house using the helicopter and the chairman spent almost 10 million in the wedding event (Dhaka Sunday,2012 as cited in Khan, 2012).

3.     The teenagers’ families want to use them to settle down the family’s debt or want to use the entire dowry to pay their debt.
a)     Some of the families will force their daughter to marry with the man that they have owe to finish all of their debt.
b)    Sometimes their families said that the brides do not have the right to use the dowry because they are too young to have a lot of money, unfortunately, they use the dowry to pay all of their debt (Indramalar, 2012).

B.     There were many consequences from marry at early age. One of the consequences is it will affect the teenagers girls’ life.

1.     The outcomes from marry at early age will affect the teenager’s future life.
a)     Women who marry in their adolescences are more expected to experience the process of separation within 15 years of their wedding (Gordon, 2010).
b)    Teenagers who are marrying at young age are 31% more expected to live in the poverty when she is older (Gordon, 2010).
c)     There were less educational achievement and limited number of schooling chances among the young married girls (Haberland, Bracken, Parker, 2005).

2.     The results from marry at early age also will affect the teenager’s daily life.
a)     Married teens have lower revelation to current news and limited social networks (Nicole, Erica, Hilary and Chris, 2005).
b)    The young teenagers who were married earlier will have less household and economic power (Haberland, Bracken, Parker, 2005).
c)     High school students who married earlier will have lesser freedom of movement and capacity to seek health care and family planning services. (International Women’s Health Coalition, 2011).
d)    Marry at early age will rising the chances of the teens will involve in domestic violence and sexual abuse. (International Women’s Health Coalition, 2011)
C.     The teenagers who are married early also will have an effect on their health condition.

1.     Most of the teenager’s husbands were transmitted their diseases to the teenagers.
a)     Based on the study, the teenagers have the potential to get HIV if their husband is older five or 14 years than them, because 30% of the teenager’s partners were having a numerous sex partners before they get married (International Women’s Health Coalition, 2011).
b)    The young adolescences may be physiologically easier to get infection from HIV or other transmitted diseases because their vagina is lack from the protective cells (International Women’s Health Coalition, 2011).

2.     Teenage girls who marry early will also be affected during their pregnancy period and on their childbirth.
a)     The teenagers who get pregnant at the age of 15 until 19 years old have higher risk to death during their pregnancy period because their body is not strong enough and still at the growth stage (International Women’s Health Coalition, 2011).
b)    The young mothers will get the risks and complications during the pregnancy progression which can affect their babies’ weight and the babies have a higher potential to die (The Practice of Marrying, 2013).

3.     The consequences from marry at early age also will give an effect towards the high school students’ mental condition.
a)     The teenagers will suffering when they got married at the early age because they cannot live as a normal person like their peer friends (Indramalar, 2012)
b)    The teenagers only focus on their responsibilities as the young housewives.
c)     The teenagers were being forced to seek for a livelihood because of their husband is not carrying their responsibilities.
d)    The domestic violence’s in the marriage also will happen and can affect the mentality of the teenagers who are not mature enough to do their responsibilities as wife and mothers at the early age (Media Centre, 2011).

D.    One other consequences from marry at early age is the shortcoming perception from the society towards the young adolescences.

1.     The society will considered that the teenagers who get married early have low level of education.
a)     Based on the study, most of the teenagers who get married early were not finishing their school learning (Mana Vue, 2000).
b)    The teenagers are lack in term of concern in college and inspiration from their parents and peers (Mana Vue, 2000).
c)     The teenagers have poor study behaviors (Mana Vue, 2000).
d)    Women who marry before the age of 19 are 50% more expected to withdraw from high school and four times fewer to graduate from college (Lundberg, 1994).
e)     High school students who marry at their early age have educational and performance problems in school (Sanders, 1997).

2.     The society will presume that the teenagers who get married early were too exposure to social life.
a)     There was too much social life among the teens (Mana Vue, 2000).
b)    The teenagers’ parents will arrange their marriage because they have too much social life with their friends (Khan, 2012).
c)     The desire to keep the family’s good name and societal stand up because of the problematic teenagers (Khan, 2012).

  III.            Conclusion.

In a summary, most of the teenagers and their families know about the tremendous negative impacts of the early marriages, but they were still preferred to ignore all of these impacts. These impacts will affect not only to the under age teenagers’ life and health but as well as the shortcoming perception from the society towards the young adolescences.

do an outline?? except or rejected?


As what Miss Zu remind us at the last week class,which is we need to did our outlining and she will check in this week. Alhamdulillah I have finished with my point in my group outlining. We decided, each of us, do their own point that we have devided sinces we have three members  It was one of the way to make our work be more easier to finished and make us to be more focus in our point. I more prefer to did the point of 
THE EFFECT OF  UNDER AGE EARLY MARRIAGE TO THEIR HEALTH CONDITION. I like this point because I thought, it was the easier one to did. I also decide to did the THE CAUSES OF UNDER AGE EARLY MARRIAGE. In this class, Miss Zu want to check all of our outline. As usually,kimah did not come again in bel class. HUH! how we want to discuss with her? It's ok,maybe we can wait for her until she getting better. Syafiqah also done with their point but she only want to edit a little part of their outlining because she felt that was not good enough. I also remember what was Miss Zu told us and MAYBE IT ALSO ONE OF THE WARNING TO US! she said, she did not want all of us to copy and paste exactly same in the material that we got! she want all of us to did paraphrase. If we just copy and paste, she will give us zero marks! even it was hard to do, we have to do that. After we felt confident with our outlining, we show it to Miss Zu. ALHAMDULILLAH! she was excepted our outlining. She also said that she liked our outlining but we need to correct some of our grammar mistakes. i felt very grateful because she was excepted our outline! that was not easy to make her says "yes, i liked !" hehehe... before we end our class, syafiqah and I also shows her our introduction which is "missing" for the last week. She also except our introduction and she remind us again to make sure not did the same mistakes again. hee.. alhamdulillah! thanks Miss Zu!   
thank you Miss Zu

missing my introduction....!



Today we need to focus more in our introduction writing. Actually, Syafiqah and I have done writing our introduction for term paper. Syafiqah and I have done EARLY because,Miss Zu was told us to did introduction and she will check soon. Kimah did not involve in writing introduction. This is because MAYBE she have a problem that she cannot avoid it. So, when we discussed for the term paper, she was absent again and again. We decided to continue in our report writing without her. As what was Syafiqah and I thought,our introduction was finish and it was in my pendrive. When Miss Zu said she want to see our introduction,suddenly we cannot find the introduction!! oh gosh  it make me felt very nervous an afraid! where is it?? is it missing or somebody was stole our introduction?? that was very impossible! we try to find it in my pendrive but, we still not find the thesis statement again. Suddenly I remember that, the introduction was deleted by me! oh man..! I really forgot why I deleted my introduction. I think i am really stupid and because of that, we got scolded  from Miss Zu. She asked us where is our introduction? I try to explained what was happened to Miss Zu but she can't except what i try to explained. She said everybody have done with their own introduction only my did not done yet. She looked very angry and she told us to re-do again our introduction. So, Syafiqah and I try to finished our introduction before class was finished. Even it was hard and difficulted to did. Finally we finished write our introduction, I try to shows it to Miss Zu, BUT SHE DID NOT looked at all. She just reminded us do that again,she put higher perception to us because we have three partners which is more than others. She expect that we can do better that others. Unfortunately, we did not did as well as what she wanted. I felt very dissapointed. huh! Nevermind IZANI,even Miss Zu can't except your excuses and she don't want to see your introduction at all, never give up ok! try to shows and do your best for the term paper and, i think,this is one of the good lesson for me. I must make sure to check for every document that I want to deleted, to avoid the same thing happen again! remeber IZANI !   

urggh! we need to shows our thesis statement !


On this class, we need to shows again our thesis statement to Miss Zu. Before this, we have shown our thesis statement but we totally get rejected from Miss Zu because we didn't did well. So, we decided to shows our new thesis statement. Even Miss Zu gives us time to redo it again,but we did not use the chances with properly. We just did a little correction because of our laziness. On our second presentation,hakimah was not absent so, we also shows her thesis statement to Miss Zu. Same as what I thought,we got a rejected again from Miss Zu. She said, we were did plagiarism. This is because, we copy and paste exactly from our material. As the one who are really hated with plagiarism, she was became very angry with us. This is because, before this she always reminded us and warning us to avoid from copy and paste exactly same with our material. Even she got angry with us, she never let us to did the same mistake again. She help us to do the correction for our thesis statement. I really appreciate with the help that she give to us even i feel very shame at the same times. We got scolded in front of our classmate and i felt really dissapointed with myself because I did not do as well as she want. Finally we got the true one of our thesis statement that were corrected by our Miss Zu. 

 This is our new thesis statement which is not copy paste from our material but assisted by our Miss Zu:

 “Undeniably, the negative outcomes associated with early marriage and high school students have the potential to affect not only to the underage teenagers’ life and health but as well as the shortcoming perception from the society towards the young adolescences.”

happy holidays you all !

 hi guys! i am very happy because today is our public holiday which is thaipusam day! so we have no class for today i decided to go back my home at johor bahru! i miss my family soo much! i really i excited to go
home..because i never go back to home sinces the first day i came hear!happy holidays guys!